Elite | 6.5mm Creedmoor | 140 GR BTHP

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Elite Ammo - 140GR BTHP 

Although the 6.5 has been around awhile, high quality, commercially produced ammunition has been scarce.
The 6.5 Creedmoor is the new standard in precision rifle shooting.
Bullet: 140GR BTHP

Velocity: 2,750 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): ” 

USE/SPORT: Precision Rifle Shooting
Box: 20 Rounds
Case: 400 Rounds

2 Reviews

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    Great Ammo

    Posted by Anonymous on Apr 16th 2018

    I had been using other ammo for target shooting at 200 but Atlanta Arms drew my groups in tighter, 3/8 MOA factory Savage 6.5 creed, great job

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    Hopeful great local ammo

    Posted by garrettyutzy@yahoo.com on Jul 24th 2017

    I bought two boxes of the 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr ammo and had two chances to run this ammo in my Savage 10BA Stealth.
    1st opportunity was at 100 yds and 2nd was at 1000 yds. Both times I shot it along side of Hornady ELD X 143 gr Precision Hunter. This particular offering from Hornady has been the benchmark and still is. The Atlanta Arms is probably the second best ammo I have come across so far. For some reason the bolt is a little tight when locking it down, perhaps it is off by a very small amount at the neck.
    My groups of 5 were sub MOA at 100 but not sub 3/4 MOA like the Hornady. At 1000 yards it struck steel a little less frequent than the Hornady, but seemed to still be in the game. I would like to do more testing with it at 200 and 300 yards to get better results.
    I had no malfunctions at all and ran perfectly.