Select .40 180GR long major (Out of Stock)



Product Description




Bullet: 180GR JFP

Velocity: 950 FPS ±

OAL: 1.175



The 40S&W Long Select is loaded the same specifications as the Elite brand with rigorously tested remanufactured brass. The round was originally designed as a major power factor ammo for the AMU Action pistol team and STI. The 40S&W Long is a round that is typically loaded by the individual shooter.  Major Power Factor – 165 USE/SPORT: 1911/2011 style pistols for USPSA, IDPA, and training ammunition.



Box- 50 Rounds 


Case- 1,000 Rounds



  • Weight: 40 lb
  • Width: 13 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Height: 8 in

4 reviews

You Don't Have To Reload For A Longer Bullet

Posted by Shayne on February 23, 2018

Some competition guns run a bit more smoothly with a longer bullet. The term OAL is correct when it comes to competition shooting . No need to reload when you can buy what you need and it’s a quality product, like what Atlanta Arms sells.

Give me exactly what I bought

Posted by ALEXANDRE DEOCLECIO BORGES on February 19, 2018

Flawless, 165.2 power factor in my Springfield .40 high capacity.

I get the 2o. Place in Limited division class C in Florida Open 2018.


Good job and service Atlanta arms.


Posted by on February 7, 2018

I Run STI and AKAI and these 2 particular guns run better with longer ammo( OAL) (1.180). So I has happy to see I was able to order this type of ammo online and there was a company still producing it. Good job Atlanta Arms.

Accurate and reliable!

Posted by Steve on October 24, 2017

I just picked up a used STI Edge and needed some ammo. I thought about buying just a box to check it out, but I went ahead and bought a case of Atlanta Arms 180grn Long Major. I only have about 250 rounds downrange, but so far the STI seems to like it just fine. Not hard to put snake-eye double taps so that speaks to its accuracy as well. I’m very satisfied.