CASE: Elite 38 Super Comp 124GR JHP Major (Out of Stock)



Product Description

Using a high quality match bullet, this is designed to make major or minor power factor (must specify when ordering). This is the same load as the 38 Super, utilizing 38 Super Comp Brass. Major Power Factor: 125GR JHP Minor Power Factor: 115GR JHP

OAL – 1.240′

Case – 1,000rds



  • Weight: 30 lb
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Height: 7 in

10 reviews

Great Ammo, Great Price

Posted by Ronnie Smith on July 2, 2019

Shot about 200 rounds in my STI DVC Open.
Smooth running all of the time

Great Stuff

Posted by Terry Harp on June 24, 2019

This ammo is running very smoothly in my new pistol. I am hardly an ammo expert, but I find this stuff works great. I will be buying more.


Posted by on April 8, 2019


Great ammo great Service and suoer fast shipoing

Posted by Chris on October 22, 2018

I cannot say enough good about this ammo it runs flawlessly in my Dvc open it is all I will run and the customer service is second to none with super fast shipping

Super Fast Shipping.

Posted by Rob on April 19, 2018

I ordered on Monday and had the ammo on Thursday. I haven’t shot it yet. My 38 Super Comp should be delivered next month. I ordered from another company and it took a month. I’m very impressed with Atlanta Arms. I will be ordering another 1000 rounds in 2 weeks.

Quality Product

Posted by Rob Kendall on December 28, 2017

When I was shooting 9mm ammo it was easy to find inexpensive factory ammo. But since going to 38 Super Comp I had to make the decision to get into reloading or buy it. After hearing about Atlanta Arms and calling them to get the info I needed I knew what I was going to do. There ammo has run flawlessly for me, it is very clean with very consistent loads.
The people I talked to were extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to.
Especially the sales girls that answer the phone.
Since I own my own business and my time is very precious, they run sales that just help me to make the decision to buy from Atlanta Arms versus investing so much money on reloading.
There Website is very easy to use and helpful in looking for other needs as well. I especially like the rewards program.


Posted by Neil Davis on December 6, 2017

Have purchased this for the last year for USPSA (STI DVC Open). Never had a problem. Has always run great. Thanks Atlanta Arms!

Can not love this ammo more

Posted by Nicholas Carlson on November 7, 2017

I am a competitive shooter running 38 Super Comp in a STI DVC Open. These guns have very tight tolerances, and Atlanta Arms Ammo is the only ammo I recommend running in these guns. I am shooting Major PF, and the rounds are consistent every shot. I have run through almost 3000 rounds of this stuff, no flaws, no jams, no misfeeds, no handfires, nothing. The grouping is super impressive as well, about 1/2 inch at 15 yards from standing fire. Follow me for updates IG: @shootersly

Fantastic Competition Ammo

Posted by Nicholas Carlson on October 23, 2017

I have not had a chance to Chrono this ammo, but I can already tell it is in Major PF. I bought this ammo for my STI DVC Open this gun is very particular about the rounds I put through it. I am glad I went with Atlanta Arms. I can put down some serious grouping at any distance. I would highly, highly recommend this ammo. Follow me on Instagram for Updates @shootersly

Great ammo!

Posted by Roland Wolf on September 12, 2017

This is great ammo. Not a single failure in over 1000rds so far