CASE: Select .40 S&W 180GR JFP



Product Description

.40 S&W 180GR JFP


Bullet: 180GR JFP

Velocity: 950 FPS ±

OAL: 1.130”


Loaded with clean-burning powders, quality grade primers and American Made brass, shooters know they get quality and affordability with Atlanta Arms. Our practice loads offer ballistic qualities comparable to our Elite Match rounds. Test fired through a Glock 22.  Major Power Factor – 165 USE/SPORT: USPSA, IDPA, and Range Training Ammunition



Box- 50 Rounds 


Case- 1,000 Rounds



  • Weight: 40 lb
  • Width: 13 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Height: 8 in

1 review

Flawless perforance

Posted by on August 29, 2018

I was shooting a similar 180 gr. jacketed reman round from Ultramax but supply was inconsistent and prices varied greatly from dealer to dealer. I would also experience the occasional malfunction which wasn’t a huge deterrent in itself as it does happen from time to time. To date I’ve put close to 3 thousand rounds of Atlanta Arms through my Glock 35, shooting USPSA matches, without one single solitary malfunction that can be blamed on this ammunition. They are also some of the most consistent rounds I’ve found. During chrono check at the most recent match, 959, 959 and 956 fps. out of the factory 5.31 inch barrel. That’s 172.4 power factor on a warm day and it came in at just a hair over 171 on a slightly cooler day. Running through a 2011 with a 6” barrel did jump it up to a 182 power factor. If this round stays this good i’ll be a customer for life !!!