Elite | 9mm | 147GR JHP

$27.99 - $425.00

Box or Case

Product Description

 Elite 9MM 147GR JHP


Velocity: 900 FPS ±

OAL: 1.100”

Grade: Elite/Match


The Atlanta Arms 9mm 147 is the staple for a heavy grain 9mm competition round. This round has been on top of the action pistol shooting competition circuit and continues to dominate in all facets of shooting disciplines. Minor Power Factor – 125 USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, and PPC



Box- 50 Rounds 

Case – 1,000 Rounds







  • Weight: 1 lb

20 reviews

Accurate,low recoil,super fast follow up.

Posted by ROBERT BALDREE on May 2, 2019

Just today, i shot this ammo back to back with Win whitebox..amazing and completely different characteristics. WWB was grouping at 4″-5″@12yd be that from recoil,me or inaccurate pressures or all of the above. This variety of Atlanta Arms 147gr reduced groups to 2″-3″ on avg., with no other changes.This resulted in some of the best groups right outta the box,no warm up time etc. Very clean ammo,highly polished brass, smooth accuracy.

Great ammo, horrible shipping container

Posted by Daniel in Stamford on April 15, 2019

Ammo is fantastic. Cleaner than almost anything I have used. After a few hundred rounds, my Supergrade’s barrel was clean after a wet patch, a few passes with a brass brush, and finally a few dry patches. Accuracy was fantastic.
I am taking a star away for order fulfillment issues. Would have thought this high end ammo would have been shipped double boxed. Each 50 round box of ammo tightly arranged inside a larger cardboard box. Which was then shipped via FedEx. And my ammo it arrived, all the corners of the outer cardboard shipping box where slightly rounded. Granted, Atlanta Arms cannot stop delivery drivers from dropping these heavy boxes on the corners, as opposed to gently putting each box straight down. Or, Atlanta Arms cannot prevent boxes stacked up inside a delivery truck from tipping over and falling onto the delivery truck floor. After all, the truck makes sharp corners and goes over rough bumpy roads. This all means some of the individual boxes of ammo were also crushed on the corners. While I don’t think the ammo suffered, I could see where it could have. I don’t even care about the aesthetics of the 50 round boxes of ammo. But when some of these boxes are crushed to the point that ammo is just about falling out of them, this is an issue. Which Atlanta Arms could solve by simply packing what they normally ship inside an additional cardboard box. So, outer cardboard shipping box in addition to what the already do. This might add a few dollars to the shipping cost, which I would gladly pay. Tell you what, give the customer the choice to purchase extra boxing for an additional fee. Bet most would select that option. That said, even cut rate internet ammo sellers double box. As do all other high end ammo sellers. Save for Atlanta Arms. Why?

No recoil

Posted by Ron Wertz on July 9, 2018

Softest recoil of anything I have shot

Great Ammo

Posted by on June 13, 2018

I just recently started using Atlanta Arms ammo for USPSA and it has been great! Not one issue.

Accurate and Consistent

Posted by Jeff on March 12, 2018

Use this for IDPA competition. Power factor is consistent, quality control is outstanding, and these rounds shoot very accurately for me. I’ve also never had a malfunction in any Glock with these in years of use. Atlanta Arms customer service is top notch, price is fair, and shipping is immediate. Customer for several years and have ordered cases of this product regularly.


Posted by Bob on January 22, 2018

Excellent shooting ammo. No malfunctions.


Posted by Gary Adams on November 1, 2017

Been testing all sorts of Atlanta and other’s ammo in my Sig. For group size and recoil. This shoots well but the 124 grn Premium groups better and 147 Premium shoots a bit softer. Comparable to another Factories match ammo in 147.


Posted by Bobp on July 20, 2017

Always performs as promises

Personal protection at it's best

Posted by Lawrence Johnson on May 15, 2017

Great ammo for p/p in a 9 mm. Deadly!
Shoots well, no problems. Thanks.


Posted by Bob on May 15, 2017

Performs as promised.

147 grain Smooth Shooting

Posted by Kathy on December 30, 2016

I’ve been using Atlanta Arms reloads for quite a few years, even when I lived in the Anti-gun, anti-ammo state of Assachusetts. Safe and reliable, great service as well.

My "go to" ammo for my Practical shooting matches!

Posted by on November 28, 2016

Take any ammo questions or doubts away by shooting Atlanta Arms ammo. Every round shoots, no misfires, no jams, and all with controllable recoil.