February 2016 Range of the Month: Sharp Shooters in Roswell, GA

Feb 4th 2016

February 2016 Range of the Month: Sharp Shooters in Roswell, GA

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Atlanta Arms prides itself on making quality ammunition that performs above the expected standard. Producing a product that exceeds your expectations and then backing that product with customer service that goes above and beyond is the cornerstone of Atlanta Arms’ business model. That cornerstone was laid many years ago and then built upon by the ranges and gun stores that carry the Atlanta Arms line of ammunition.

Over the years the number of businesses that have supported Atlanta Arms have increased to cover most of the Southeast and continue to expand each month. Without these organizations the Atlanta Arms brand would be very different and we would like to shine a light on some of these exceptional businesses. Welcome to the Range of the Month where we will highlight one range each month that is part of the Atlanta Arms family.

KC Eusebio, former member of the Army Marksmanship Unit, current Director of Marketing for Atlanta Arms and active competitive shooter, along with Steve Mitchell, will pay a visit to a new range and give you an inside perspective into what makes these places stand out in the sea that is the firearms industry.

Atlanta Arms’ is proud to name Sharp Shooters USA as its inaugural Range of the Month! Located in the Roswell/Alpharetta area at 11261 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA 30076, this beautiful range offers one of the most pleasant and inviting range experiences you will ever have. We sat down with Tom Deets, President and Managing Parnter, and Matt Melear, Sales Manager and Training Instructor, to discuss how Sharp Shooters USA came to be and where they see themselves going.

The following is an excerpt from the interview on January 29, 2016:

Steve: How has your idea of what you thought Sharp Shooters would be morphed into what it is today?

Tom: Initially we thought it would be a full service retail store with an emphasis on training with a state of the art shooting range but what we found out quickly in this market is that this is a personal defense environment. People are coming here because they want to protect themselves, their family, their friends, they’re in law enforcement so initially we had a large variety of different kinds of firearms here but we found quickly that the hunting rifles and shotguns didn’t sell here so we morphed more into a personal defense operation. Our training classes are tailored around the fundamentals of firearms safety and then getting people to take those advanced steps to becoming more proficient as they move forward. I think that the big difference is initially we had one vision of selling a whole lot of different firearms but we found we want to specialize in personal defense.

Steve: When considering the quality of instructors and the tools that you use, you clearly have high standards. How do you determine whether a particular brand fulfills your requirements?

Matt: The first thing we look at is whether a product fills a need from our customers or demographic and then we are looking for a quality product that is a presentable finished product. Then on the backside we want customer service from the companies. Glock has a huge reputation, especially in this area, for having outstanding customer service and I have never had one complaint about anyone who has ever taken their weapon to them and talked to them. So we look for the same kind of response from other companies and if you can bring that we will put you in the shop. We do have high standards and we want quality names that we can tie our names to. We don’t want anything that is cheap that is poorly made or poorly thought out. We don’t mind inexpensive products but they have to hold up.

Steve: At this table there is a representation of all levels of marksmanship. I still consider myself a novice, KC is a professional, Matt is prior military and Tom is a police officer. At the end of the day we all recognize that the shooter and even the weapon used is just a delivery system for the projectile. We appreciate that with all of your options you choose to apply those same standards of brand representation and have stood by us and actively represent Atlanta Arms in your business. What about Atlanta Arms allowed for this to come about?

Tom: It goes back to day one. Our original General Manager, Jason Periman, came up from Brunswick GA and had a long history working with Atlanta Arms before and if you look behind our range counter now five years later that’s the premier product sold for all of our people that come in to rent firearms and buy ammunition on their own. We sell more Atlanta Arms ammunition than anything else. It’s good high quality ammunition. You have always stood behind your product. Every now and then there are problems with ammunition. Every now and then there are problems with guns. From time to time anything that is mechanical or manufactured can have a defect. If there has ever been an issue Atlanta Arms has stood behind their product and made it right.