Classic Match | 9mm | 124GR FMJ

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Classic Match 9mm 124GR FMJ



This Classic Match 9mm 124GR Full Metal Jacket ammunition is manufactured to give you all the reliability you need for training or competition.
The 124 FMJ is the happy medium between the 114GR and the 147GR.
This ammunition averages 1060 FPS and is test fired through a Glock 17 at a 131 power factor.
Bullet: 124GR FMJ

Velocity: 1060 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.135” ± .005

USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

10 Reviews

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    Classic Match 124gr

    I was looking for a 9mm round that I could use in matches and training that helped with recoil and was also accurate with a clean burning powder. The Classic Match fulfills all my needs.

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    Classic match 9mm

    Shot a full range day and a USPSA match with AA ammo. 500 rounds with not a single failure. Great, reliable ammo when you need it.

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    classic match 124gr 9mm

    I really like this ammo. Super accurate and clean burning. No issues with this ammo. Will get more.

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    9mm 124 grain FMJ

    I have been using Atlanta Arms exclusively for over a year now and cannot say enough about the quality of ammuntion and the EXCELLENT customer service

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    Classic Match 124gr. FMJ

    great group moderate recoil - good price.

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    Why no FPS for 124 Premium?

    Bought a case of this after being told it was similar in load to the Select 124. While top shelf in quality, reliability, and accuracy to me it seems to shoot harder than the case of Select I shot. I don't chrono for Steel Challenge but would love to know the PF before buying any more to rule out my imagination as a factor.

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    Best Quality for the Price

    I have fired hundreds of rounds of this ammo and have never had a jam. I have tight groups with this ammo as well. This far exceeds any other ammo at this price point, quite honestly, out performs ammo that is higher priced.

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    Feeds Great, Shoots Great (Accu Shadow 2)

    Only shot about 100 rounds so far during USPSA practice, gun was brand new CZ Accu Shadow 2, had no issue with plunk/spin test before I fired it. Ammo (and gun) seemed extremely accurate, not particularly dirty at all, and fed perfectly. Highly recommended.

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    So I got the Bar-Sto barrel for my Sig 226 and it comes with 1:16 twist. The Factory 1:10 barrel shoots way better for sure. 115 grn group better with the Bart-Sto. This 124 grn has the best groups of any Atlanta ammo in my gun. The Elite 115 or 147 hp ammo is way nice shooting but has bigger groups. The 147 has less snap and recoil but has larger groups. This 124 in my Sig puts 10 rounds in a 2" square at 10 yards and most holes are on top of each other. Ammo is a bti expensive against other brands I've been testing. This is what I'll use for my competition events