Elite | 300 Blackout | 208GR Subsonic A-MAX

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Elite Ammo - 300 Blackout 208GR Subsonic A-Max 

A great all purpose round designed to work in both semiautomatic and bolt guns with or without suppressors.
Tested with a 16 inch AAC bolt gun and 14 inch semiautomatic.
Bullet: 208GR A-Max

Velocity: 975 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 2.140” ± .002

USE/SPORT: 3-Gun and Hunting
Box: 20 Rounds
Case: 400 Rounds

4 Reviews

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    208Gr Subsonic

    Great round very accuratw

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    300 Blackout subsonic ammo

    Atlanta Arms and ammo makes the best and most accurate 300 Blackout subsonic ammo I have been able find.

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    Great 300 BLK Ammo

    I have used Atlanta Arms 300 BLK for two years, and it is now my go to ammo.

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    300 blk subs

    I hunt with Atlanta Arms 300blk loading of the Nosler 125 Grn Ballistic Tip. I really like this round, so I wanted something I could shoot sub sonic with my suppressor in the backyard. I purchased a case of the AA 208 grn A-Max subs that AA recently had on sale. I shot about 60 rounds out back this weekend through a 16" AR. With the can, it was backyard quiet. I had no problems as far as function was concerned. This load was very accurate as well. I was using a Swarovski Z6 1-6 with a BRT reticle and it was easy to learn a new hold for the difference in trajectory between the full velocity loading (which the rifle is zeroed for) and the subsonic load. I was able to shoot pumpkins at 100 yards by holding on the second hash mark. Good round, especially when it is on sale.