Elite | .38 Special | 148GR HBWC PPC

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Elite Ammo - .38 Special 148GR HBWC PPC 

This Elite 148GR Hollow-Based Wad Cutter ammo is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose/objective.
Designed for reduced recoil.
Tested through a 6 inch revolver barrel.
Bullet: 148GR HBWC

Velocity: 775 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.169” 
USE/SPORT: Range Shooting, Training
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

2 Reviews

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    Elite .38 Special 148gr HBWC in S&W 52-1

    I fired my first box of these wadcutters in my S&W Model 52-1. Accuracy was excellent, but the load is right on the edge of my pistol’s recoil spring rate. I had enough failures to extract and failures to feed due to the light recoil impulse, that I’ll be using the remainder of this ammo in my S&W
    K-38 revolver. If you like accuracy and light recoil impulse, this is the load.

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    Elite .38 special HBWC

    The best most accurate target round I have ever fired. I like bullseye shooting and this is by far the best, most accurate and reliable round I have ever used.