Elite | 45 ACP | 185GR JHP

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Elite Ammo - 45 ACP 185GR JHP Match AMU

This 185GR Jacketed Hollow Point ammo is currently used by the Army Marksmanship, Marine service Pistol Teams and by some of the top PPC shooters in the world.
Accuracy test requirement: 5 ten-shot groups at 50 yards, with an average group size not to exceed 1.50 inches.
This is loaded using a high quality conical hollow point bullet and is designed to make major power factor.
Bullet: 185GR JHP

Velocity: 800FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.200” 

USE/SPORT: PPC Matches and Bullseye Matches
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

23 Reviews

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    love the "light" .45 cal service round

    The 185 gr JHP from Atlanta Arms are my go-to service pistol round (bullseye). They are super accurate and much more enjoyable to shot than the 230 gr FMC.

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    Accuracy is apparent.

    These rounds have dramatically improved my scores in bullseye shooting. After firing the first box I ordered, I was hooked. These are the only rounds I use now.

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    Best I've shot from 50 yds.

    I'm only an Expert bullseye competitor but, from the 50 yard line, the AMU product is noticeably better than 3 other brands I had to choose from. Same for 25 yds, and not a single malfunction.

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    Best of Both Worlds

    What would you say if I told you, that a round is here at Atlanta Arms that, meets your reloading expectations and marries it with the reliability of Factory ammo. Well as a Bullseye competitor , that's what i'm saying, The ammunition here meet my power factor needs and provide the high confidence i also need in Quality, Speed of delivery and cost. Take it out of the box and load a magazine at the line, Listen to the range commands and know that the only variable today is you. What are you waiting for. This is the Best.

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    Excellent for Bullseye Competitions

    I have been using this to practice at 50 yards for an upcoming bullseye competition and am extremely impressed at the high quality and consistency of these rounds. I will be purchasing more soon.