Elite | 9mm | 147GR JHP

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Elite Ammo - 9mm 147GR JHP

This 9mm 147GR Jacketed Hollow Point round is the staple for a heavy grain 9mm competition round.
This round has been on top of the action pistol shooting competition circuit and continues to dominate in all facets of shooting disciplines.
Bullet: 147GR JHP

Velocity: 900 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.100” 

USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, PPC
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

28 Reviews

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    Elite 9mm 147gr

    Excellent for range

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    Best ammo

    This ammo is super reliable, super clean, very consistent , extremely accurate, and very soft shooting. Love this ammo.

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    Elite 9mm 147HP

    Runs great in A01-LD, ammo is quality for sure 10-shot group 12yard 1 ragged hole. You get what you pay for with Atlanta Arms ammo

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    9mm 147 grain HP

    I was a as amazed at the quality and the price of these rounds. With prices soaring and the need to still practice, you have allowed me a great deal. Recoil was very limited and accuracy improved. I will continue to order from you.

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    Great match ammo

    I compete in the local 2 gun and tried this ammo for the first time. I was impressed in the difference in recoil compared to the 124 I usually run. I highly recommend this ammo.

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    Elite 9mm 147gr JHP

    Fantastic ammo. Very soft shooting and very accurate. I use it for IDPA running through a CZ Target 2.

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    147GR Elite JHP

    Have only dumped one mag at the range but every round popped off beautifully out of a DB9R

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    Elite 9mm 147GR JHP

    Bought the Elite 147GR based upon the recommendation of the previous owner of my CZ Shadow 2. She used Elite 147GR when she did not shoot handloads. I found the ammunition to be very accurate (see: http://peace.saumag.edu/faculty/kardas/Courses/CZaccuracyApril2020.html). I wonder if there is an Elite 147GR in hardball? If yes, would it shoot as accurately.

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    Accurate,low recoil,super fast follow up.

    Just today, i shot this ammo back to back with Win whitebox..amazing and completely different characteristics. WWB was grouping at 4"-5"@12yd be that from recoil,me or inaccurate pressures or all of the above. This variety of Atlanta Arms 147gr reduced groups to 2"-3" on avg., with no other changes.This resulted in some of the best groups right outta the box,no warm up time etc. Very clean ammo,highly polished brass, smooth accuracy.