Elite | 9mm | 147GR JHP

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Elite Ammo - 9mm 147GR JHP

This 9mm 147GR Jacketed Hollow Point round is the staple for a heavy grain 9mm competition round.
This round has been on top of the action pistol shooting competition circuit and continues to dominate in all facets of shooting disciplines.
Bullet: 147GR JHP

Velocity: 880 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.100” 

USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, PCC, PPC
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

32 Reviews

  • 5
    9mm hollow points

    Nice product hits like a hammer! Will buy again in the future!

  • 5
    Soft Shooting

    Phenomenal ammunition. No more muzzle rise in micro compact. Shoots like .380. A+++

  • 5
    Softest recoil

    I bought these for EDC and they are terrific. I also purchased the FMJ rounds for IDPA and the difference in recoil is very obvious. These are the rounds on the market for accuracy and quick follow-up shots.

  • 5
    Softest recoil

    In conjunction with a ported barrel, these loads make felt recoil negligible. I get the fastest follow-up shots ever. JHPs for EDC and the FMJ for IDPA matches.

  • 5
    Elite 9mm 147gr

    Excellent for range

  • 5
    Best ammo

    This ammo is super reliable, super clean, very consistent , extremely accurate, and very soft shooting. Love this ammo.

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    Elite 9mm 147HP

    Runs great in A01-LD, ammo is quality for sure 10-shot group 12yard 1 ragged hole. You get what you pay for with Atlanta Arms ammo

  • 5
    9mm 147 grain HP

    I was a as amazed at the quality and the price of these rounds. With prices soaring and the need to still practice, you have allowed me a great deal. Recoil was very limited and accuracy improved. I will continue to order from you.

  • 5
    Great match ammo

    I compete in the local 2 gun and tried this ammo for the first time. I was impressed in the difference in recoil compared to the 124 I usually run. I highly recommend this ammo.