Elite | 9mm | 115GR JHP Match

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Elite Ammo - 9mm 115GR JHP Match 

This is the PPC match ammo used by the Homeland Security pistol teams, the Border Patrol Teams, and some of the best Police teams.
Using a high quality match bullet, this is designed for extreme accuracy.
Accuracy test requirement: 5 ten-shot groups at 50 yards, with an average group size not to exceed 1.25 inches. 
Bullet: 115GR JHP

Velocity: 1100 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.075” 

USE/SPORT: PCC Matches, PPC, Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, IDPC
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

29 Reviews

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    Best ammo out there

    Very good prices

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    Most accurate 9mm on the planet

    I’ve done extensive testing and this is the ammo I use to test guns and my reloads. More accurate ammo doesn’t exist.

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    Elite 9mm 115GR JHP Match

    Excellent ammo, very accurate in my Sig P210.

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    This is your ammo for 50 yard bullseye

    If you shoot bullseye centerfire with a 9mm, this is the ammo you need. It destroys 50-yard X rings. My most meticulous handloads approach 80% of this round's accuracy, which is fine for 25 yards or club matches. But when things get serious, you need this ammo (especially since your competitors are already onto it.)

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    Consistent Match Grade Ammo

    I have only put 50 rnds through my P210 so far, but so far it has functioned flawlessly. Soft shooting as well. Was shooting consistent 1.5" @ 30yds with open sights off a bag in dim light and stiff breeze; the ammo/gun system can only be better than that.

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    Clean burning. Very Accurate Ammo.
    Will buy more. Fast Delivery.

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    High Quality Ammo

    This ammo runs great in both my S&W M&PL and my Wilson Combat AR9G SBR. No problems with smooth function, consistent and very good accuracy; absolutely shoots to POA.

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    Great as usual

    Great 9mm, it runs flawlessly through every pistol and carbine, no matter the make.

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    This ammo helped me get an award

    My department does a marksmanship award using parts of the PPC course with your duty gun shooting at 50 yards. Before me everyone that passed it passed it with highly modified revolvers and 1911s. I was the first to pass it with a polymer handgun. I purchased a case of this ammo Thinking it would take me multiple tries and I completed it on the first try using less than 100 rounds to zero and complete the course.

    There was a second officer who is a better shooter than me attempting to pass it and he had another brand of “precision ammo.” He was getting 550-560s out of 600 and we need a 575 or better. I gave him a single box of this elite match and he shot a 579 immediately. He admitted the only difference was the ammo and then tried to buy the rest from me.

    This ammo won’t make you a good shooter but it will absolutely remove the variable of mechanical accuracy from the equation and you will know it’s you missing.