Elite | 5.56mm | 65GR SBT

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Elite Ammo - 5.56mm 65GR SBT 

This Elite 65GR Spitzer Boat Tail ammunition is designed and manufactured to shoot a minute of angle for rifles chambered in 5.56.


Bullet: 65GR SBT

Velocity: 3000 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 2.175 ± .002” 

USE/SPORT: Defense, Competition, and Hunting.
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

5 Reviews

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    High quality

    This is very accurate ammunition and it performs well. It is now my “go to” when I need quality 5.56 ammunition to depend on.

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    Accurate, consistent and reliable rounds!

    After pondering buying these, I decided to "bite the bullet" and order some when Atlanta Arms offered free shipping. Fired a box of 100 rounds in 2 different AR-15 type rifles (Palmetto State Armory and Radical Firearms SOCOM) with absolutely no malfunctions. Both rifles have a 1:7 barrel twist rate and they love this bullet! The ammo is very accurate and consistent and hard hitting. I only had a red dot with 1x magnification on one rifle and iron sights on the other rifle, but was consistently hitting steel plates at 200 and 300 yards all day long. The spitzer boat tail (I suspect they are using the 65 gr Sierra #1395 or something similar) has a higher ballistic coefficient of around 0.30 than the regular 55 gr FMJ etc which has a BC around .27, which means these are more aerodynamic and capable of great accuracy. Costs more, but absolutely worth it. Will be ordering more.

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    65G SBT

    Out of everything I shoot through my 12.5 inch barrel this is the most accurate and consistent by far. Not a plinking round but my go to when it counts.

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    High Quality Ammo

    This ammo functioned perfectly in my AR; reliable and it does shoot inside of 1 MOA at 100 yds. It appears to be very good defensive type of ammo/bullet which is why I wanted it.

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    Elite 5.56 mm/65gr

    I recently purchased my first AR-15, 18" barrel, 1/8 twist. Previous owner had used 68 gr ammo successfully. The 65 gr Atlanta Arms gave me the best groups compared to 55 gr, 62 gr, and 77 gr ammo from other vendors. Will compete with the Atlanta Arms ammo Saturday in my first AR match.