Select | 9mm | 100GR FMJ Steel Challenge

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Select Ammo - 9mm 100GR FMJ Steel Challenge

This is the highest quality ammunition with remanufactured brass for sale.
A new steel challenge competition product developed by some of the best shooters in the game to give you the ultimate advantage in your next match.
The more affordable Select 9mm ammo is perfect for practice, training and competition.
** Steel Challenge ammunition is a reduced recoil load. Pressures remain sufficient to produce standard operation G17 testing, but MAY require alternative recoil springs in larger/heavier firearms.
Bullet: 100GR FMJ

Velocity: 1090 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.115" ± .005
Power Factor: 109

USE/SPORT: Made specifically for Steel Challenge training
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

28 Reviews

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    Luv this round.

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    100 Gr. 9mm Steel Challenge load performance

    The Atlanta Arms 100gr. 9mm SC loads are by far the best Steel Challenge load I have ever shot; I tried the 115gr. SC load but realized quickly that my PCC would shoot the 100gr. with no issues; this round has zero felt recoil, my optic reticle never leaves the steel tgts. when engaging the tgts. as speed. Wish my entire SOCN shooting sports team could us this brand of ammo for all of our matches.

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    I’m gonna shoots very smooth and flat also did not have to change any recoil springs shooting from a 2011 staccato P

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    The best Round in my opinion for PCC competitions. It shoots so soft and reliably. I’ve had no issues with it not cycling. Highly recommend.

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    Perfect custom load for STI DVC Steel hand gun with 5# government spring shooting Steel Challenge

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    Select/9mm/100GR FMJ Steel Challenge

    Have previously used this round, acquired thru Griffin Gun Club, in Steel Challenge, Glock Match, and Indoor Glock Match.
    Worked just fine in my G43 & G43X.

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    100gr FMJ Steel Challenge

    Very nice, soft shooting round for steel. In a Glock G34 it shoots accurate and flat! Good when quality ammunition matters most.

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    Time vs Money vs Performance.

    There comes a point in a competitive shooter's progression where you either accept the deficit created by shooting factory ammo or embrace the nuances of purchasing reloading equipment and producing ammo on your own. I have counted on this ammo to run in multiple guns. If you do not reload, I count this as a game changing option. Two seasons running, it has been my go to round. Flat, accurate, and reliable.

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    9mm 100gr steel challenge select

    Fantastic soft shooting ammo let’s you quickly transition from target to target. Price is better if you buy case.