Classic Match | 9mm | 147GR FMJ

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Classic Match 9mm 147GR FMJ

This Classic Match 9mm 147GR Full Metal Jacket ammunition is manufactured to give you all the reliability you need for training or competition.
 This ammunition averages 900 FPS and is test fired through a Glock 17 and produces a 130 power factor.
Bullet: 147GR FMJ

Velocity: 920 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.145” 

Power Factor: 130 

USE/SPORT: IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, PPC
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

17 Reviews

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    Been testing all sorts of ammo including match from Atlanta and other Factories. This is the best combination of soft shooting and group size. Using a Sig factory barrel and will test same thru a Bar-Sto barrel I just got. Twist rates are way different so that will be the test for sure. This in Elite is good but a bit snappier and groups just na wee bit larger

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    Shot this and love the soft shooting for sure. Groups size is not better and almost anything else. I have a a 1:10 barrel so maybe a 1:16 would be better. Trying to make this work as the recoil sets it apart from the rest. Ordered a Bar-Sto barrel and will try it again. did order more to test

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    Chrono ammo.

    Ordered 8 boxes (400 rounds) to chrono for nationals. Picked 1 round from each box. Here are my readings from a Glock 34. OAT (outside air temperature 97 F.

    147 premium Atlanta arms.
    FPS (feet per second)

    Making an average Power Factor of 132-135.

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    Atlanta Arms is the best. This is my match ammo, and when it was on sale for Merica day, I didn't have a choice, I had to buy another case!

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    Good quality, dependable ammo

    This is the perfect round for IDPA competition. Even though I handload my rounds, I don't want to go to a match and experience ammo issues, FTF, etc. That is why, if I'm going to a competition, I'm taking Atlanta Arms with me.

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    Perfect at GA USPSA

    Last minute decision to start shooting USPSA again...Needed some 9mm to run in a CZ. This ammo ran flawlessly with a chrony of 129. Excellent stuff!

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    .awesome round!!!

    this round has been my vp9 favorite...impacts the steel with much more authority than any 115s and grouped 15 round in a 2" hole @ 20 yards

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    First time shooting competition grade ammo in a competition

    I am new to competition shooting (and completely obsessed). Running this 147 grain match grade ammo was a dream this past weekend at my local IDPA match. I ordered 5 boxes to "see how I liked the ammo"... I will be ordering cases from here on out.