Elite | 357 Magnum | 125GR JHP

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Elite Ammo - 357 Magnum 125GR Semi-JHP 

Fast, deadly, and dependable, our Elite 357 125GR Semi Jacketed Hollow Point round is a great all around round.
Tested through a 6 inch revolver barrel.
Bullet: 125GR Semi-JHP

Velocity: 1275 FPS ±

Overall Length (OAL): 1.555” ± .005
USE/SPORT: Self Defense, Range shooting, General Shooting
Box: 50 Rounds
Case: 1000 Rounds

9 Reviews

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    357 Magnum

    Outstanding performance. I shot it over the chronograph and from a rest for accuracy and performance is outstanding. Accurate, dependable, with low flash and low muzzle blast. I have ordered twice and will be back for more.

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    357 mag

    Through my chronograph I got a 12 round average of 1318 through a 6 inch barrel. Recoil was easily manageable and accuracy was excellent. Case extraction was easy. 480lb/ft of energy in a pleasant to shoot and accurate load means I will be ordering this again. This is the ammunition to grab for the ultimate in versatility. A true all arounder.

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    Outstanding performance

    I placed a small order to try this for the first time and I am completely satisfied. Velocity was about 35fps faster than rated on the box from my 6" revolver. SD was good with excellent accuracy. Double action strings were controllable. A touch over 480 lb/ft of energy puts it in solidly in "all arounder" territory. I will be back for more.

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    Excellent product , very consistent and accurate

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    A Straight Shooter

    This ammo is a true straight shooter with superior accuracy written all over it. Recoil isn't bad.

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    My favorite 357 ammo.
    All rounds are consistent in power , low flash, and accurate
    Wish they would be available to purchase more often

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    Very good ammo thats hard to find

    good price and shipping came on time thanks

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    357 mag/50

    Arrived on time and without damage

  • 4
    Elite 357 Magnum JHP

    Arrived quickly. Ammo is accurate and fairly pleasant to shoot. Nice defensive rounds.